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The tent roof reaches across large areas and offers a lot of design space. The tent roof is useful in many different areas, including sports, cultural and business events. A mobile tent roof can protect against wind, rain and sun over mobile grandstands, stages, podiums, eating areas, VIP areas, sales stands and other temporary structures. 

The tent roof offers a self-supporting structure, without additional supports within a covered area, and an enormous span. In addition, two attachment methods are offered, on the one hand, a ballast system and, on the other, ground anchors, which flexibly comply with local circumstances. 

We offer and implement a variety of tent roofs through our strong partner network.

The tent roof offers you

- Top safety (TÜV inspected)
- Maximum flexibility (varied uses)
- Variable sizes (in length and depth)
- Attachment with ground anchors or a ballast system
- Cloth roof covering

We would be glad to provide you detailed advice on the right canopy/grandstand canopy for your event, and can explain the various roof variants.

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