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Seated grandstands increase the quality of your event for your visitors. Your guests will enjoy Bender Tribünen, offering them the highest comfort and best views.

Bender seated grandstands offer the great benefit, that one can install various seating versions within one system.

We can therefore better respond to your individual desires, and configure grandstands that meet your requirements. Structure, seating comfort and also costs determine the equipment on your grandstands with comfortable seat backs, bucket seats and tip-up seats.

Bender Tribünen fulfill all customer desires!

- Seating on benches, bucket seats and tip-up seats
- Variable widths in bucket seats for different comfort levels
- Bucket seats can be obtained in several colours: blue, grey, red, white, green
- Padded seat covers for even more comfort
- Different row cants
- Treads made of plywood, screen printing or steel
- Space widths of 45 – 60 cm, freely selectable

Our mobile grandstands have already been used for many large events, such as various Formula 1 races, Olympic games, concerts, open-air theatre, tennis matches and football matches. You can obtain more details in the “References” section.


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