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Our own developed stadium grandstands were specially designed for permanent use. Bender stadium grandstands offer long-lived, economical and highly flexible solution for sports clubs of every type and size.

What benefits do Bender stadium grandstands offer in comparison to traditional systems?

1. Good economics: The interplay between long life, low wear and cost-optimised installation, short erection times and systematic construction ensures good economics.

2. Flexibility: The grandstand system provides flexible structuring of design, size and comfort. Extensions can be added at any time even after the stadium grandstand has been completed. This makes it possible to use specially-developed grandstand systems.

3. Long life: The steel components are galvanised, extremely robust and developed for long life. One can quickly replace individual components in the case of damage or wear without great installation expense.

4. Always the latest version: You can renovate the stadium grandstands in short cycles. Runners, seat coverings and bucket seats can be replaced if required by customers.

5. Easy adaptability to local circumstances: Our steel pipe construction makes it possible to build over uneven surfaces.

What products do we offer for Bender stadium grandstands?

1. Standing and seated grandstands
2. Grandstand roofs
3. Various seating versions, depending upon comfort requirements
4. Various types of running and seat coverings for various use areas
5. Speaker cabins
6. Custom solutions

What services does Bender Tribünen offer?

1. Skilled initial consulting with our project managers
2. CAD-based planning and visual presentation
3. Construction site inspection for detailed planning
4. Development of various stadium designs
5. Fast and clear offers
6. Various financing models
7. Delivery of detail drawings and static engineering proof for building permits
8. Information for construction foundations
9. Erecting the construction site
10. Complete transport logistics
11. Installation by trained specialists and assistants
12. Quality inspection after completion
13. Project manager assistance for construction acceptance
14. Maintenance service


Our skilled team is happy to advise you in detail and develop a custom stadium solution with you.


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