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Bender Tribünen offers outstanding flexibility for your construction. This makes it possible for us to optimally implement grandstand extensions, renovations or conversions of already existing grandstands and stadium grandstands. We adapt our grandstands perfectly to local circumstances and ensure that your existing grandstands are used in the best way. We always adhere to the latest VStättVO, current standards and regulations of the respective associations.


Grandstand extension means the construction of mobile standing or seated grandstands in an already-existing stadium. Grandstand extensions are often needed when being elevated to a new division, or when spectator capacity requirements increase. The benefit of a temporary extension are the calculable costs for temporary grandstands which can be dismantled at the end of a season and can be erected again.

Reference: More than 3,500 mobile spectator seats for Viktoria Cologne FC’s elevation to the third division, in order to meet the requirements of the organisation.


We use the existing structure of a permanent grandstand which may not meet the appearance demands for events due to ageing and weather for grandstand renovations, building over these with our mobile grandstand system. Our grandstand systems’ flexibility is a deciding factor for this implementation. A condition for such renovations is always the static engineering load capacity of the existing grandstand.

Reference: Our team built our mobile grandstand system over an existing one for the ski jumping stadium in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


Converting a grandstand makes it possible to convert an existing standing terrace into a seated grandstand, permanently or temporarily. This can also be converted in the opposite direction. Grandstand conversions are often needed when tournaments with special requirements are held in a stadium, and the grandstands must be converted for the duration of the games.

Reference: The Bender team has already converted the standing room into seats for the Rudolf-Herbig Stadium in Dresden for the women’s World Cup. In addition, we also implemented a similar conversion for the Freiburg SC for the European matches.

Our team is always available to you in order to create the best visual and economical solution.

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