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Our service is based on our years of experience and provides you with smooth completion of your project.

We consider us to be your partner, and already develop during the planning and offer phase - also on-site - detailed and creative solutions. We provide early support to planning and organisation of your events with numbering plans and 3D visualisations. 

Our experienced project managers are on your side from queries to concluding projects and beyond. We help you with all questions related to grandstands and temporary structures. 

Our service:

- 70 years’ experience in the areas of grandstands and temporary structures

- CAD-supported project planning and development

- On-site inspections and personal consulting

- 3D visualisation

- Detailed and clear offers

- Consulting and adherence to VStättVO and DIN standards

- Numbering plans for ticketing

- Well-developed transport logistics

- The fastest installation and dismantling times, even on weekends and nights

- Installation with qualified specialist installers

- Clean and safe building sites

- Quality inspection after completion

- Assistance with building permits

- Fast and professional dismantling and return transport

General planning

We plan, develop and implement events of various sizes, based on our intensive experience and international networks.

Project: Sohlheim Cup St. Leon-Rot – Golf tournament

Together with the planning office, we took over the creation of spectator-related infrastructure for visitors to the largest ladies’ golf tournament, the Sohlheim Cup. In addition to many mobile grandstands, arenas, stages and platforms, footbridges, stairs, tents, fences and toilets were planned, built and dismantled across the entire golf course. Our skilled team assumed overall coordination of the many trades and communication between customers and subcontractors.

Our experienced team would be glad to advise you and develop a custom solution for you. 


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