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The Bender pent roof is a flexible canopy solution for your event A grandstand with a roof gives your event not only protection from the rain, wind and sun, but also a unique ambience. The usability of the pent roof is varied, not only limited to grandstands. Since the roof can be separately constructed, other temporary structures can be protected against the wind and weather.

Rainwater is drained off thanks to the back-sloping roof angle. The pent roof design provides a better view of events. The front supports are sized in such way that they do not disrupt the view.

Our Bender pent roofs provide you with

- Top safety (TÜV inspected)
- Maximum flexibility (varied uses)
- Filigree roof construction, and a visually appealing design
- Variable sizes (in length and depth)
- Attach with ground anchors
- Fast installation and dismantling
- Cloth roof covering

We would be glad to provide you detailed advice on the right canopy/grandstand canopy for your event, and can explain the various roof variants.

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