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When buying a grandstand, stage and canopy, all the usual criteria such as safety, flexibility, quality and economical, the focus of the special desires and requirements of the customers are our focus. We offer the best solution for your area of deployment, and develop a custom concept which we’re happy to implement for you, for football clubs, race courses and theatres. 

Our intensive experience with many customers shows that, when purchasing, many criteria are added, or gain weight as compared to decisions taken for rentals. We can present an economical solution for every use thanks to our own planning and production capabilities.

We differentiate between:

  1. a) Grandstands for permanent and stationary use
  2. b) Grandstands for temporary and mobile use
The following factors are therefore particularly important:

- Handling: Logical construction with our own developed system
- Weight: Individual components are weight-optimised up to a maximum of 20 kg
- Storage and transport volumes: Absolutely space-saving for transport and storage
- Comfort: Suitable for all seating variants (from VIP seats to benches)
- Flexibility: Can adjust to any landscape and size
- Line of sight: The slope angle can be adapted to customer needs
- Sustainability: Long life due to high-quality materials and a subsequent delivery
- Planning: CAD-supported planning, 3D visualisation and parts lists
- Safety: Complete, inspectable static calculations for all structures

We offer various financing models for your purchase of a Bender grandstand:

- Lease-purchase

- Property financing

- Leasing with an option to purchase

Our experienced team would be glad to advise you and develop a custom solution for you.

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