Patented Bender system grandstands make it possible to equip events of any type and size. We developed them especially for temporary deployment.
The basis of the grandstands is an unmistakable, self-securing plug-in system, consisting of weight-reducing aluminium-steel pipe construction. This is special due to its logical construction, great flexibility and simple handling.
Bender Tribünen static engineering is inspected (TÜV South), meets the most current VStättVO rules [Event Technology Rules] and follow international standards.

What components make Bender system grandstands unique?

1. Substructure: All begins with pluggable substructures which can be adjusted to the foundation. Fast installation and dismantling is possible due to the few different individual parts and low weight.

2. Carriers: The aluminium carriers are the connecting elements between the substructure and surface structures. The carriers define the slope angle for mobile grandstands which are adjusted to local circumstances. This provides the best sight lines for the event.

3. Surfaces: Surfaces include the tread. These can be executed of various materials depending upon customer requirements.
Types of flooring: Plywood, screen printing, steel

4. Type of use: In the next step, the grandstands can be equipped either with seats, standing room or a combination of the two. There are different comfort levels which are oriented to the public’s requirements.
Seating variations: Seats, bucket seats, tip-up seats, VIP seats

What are the advantages of Bender system grandstands as compared to other systems?

Maximum flexibility shape, size and capacity
- Unique plug system for fast, tool-free and low-noise installation and dismantling
- Low-weight components for easier handling
- Many comfort versions can be selected
- Comfortable 80 cm row depth for seated grandstands
- 40 cm depth standing terraces to meet standards
- Various tilt angles for the best views
- Own development and production
- Highly economical due to short installation and dismantling times, simple construction and the top logistics

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