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There are many reasons to visit Denmark. Copenhagen, summer houses and beautiful coasts. Another reason came in 2017 - Aarhus became Europe’s cultural capital The Royal Theatre of Denmark and the prehistoric Mosesgaard Museum presents the play “Røde Orm“ as a high point. A Viking saga about the greatest heroic figure of these times. The scene and drama films and series are similar to “Lord of the Rings” and “Game of Thrones.” 3,400 spectators can see the play on the 66 metre long and 45 metre deep mobile arena. The underground drops around the entire area by about seven metres.  105 tons of structural material had to be transported to Denmark in order to conquer these challenges. In order to balance out the dropping underground with the huge substructure, spectators sit at the highest point of the grandstand almost 15 metres above the ground - airy heights for a theatre. In addition to the six exits in the front, six additional stair towers were constructed to provide safe and fast entrance and exits.

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