With over 65 years of experience in production, renting, selling grandstands, the company Bender GmbH occupies an important position in this business – in whole Europe.

Due to the big capacities, we are able to manage the biggest events. That’s why we build up again over 45.000 seats at the Sachsenring this year.

N Sachsen2014 1

N Sachsen2014 2

Over 50 trucks delivered the material to the racetrack. 30 employees erected the grandstands in the short span of time and removed it immediately after the event. A perfect strategy, logistic and assembling guarantees the precise erection on schedule. At the same time other important events had been equipped by Bender Tribünen, for example the theatre in Schwerin, an Open-Air-Cinema in Düsseldorf, the X-Games Munich, an Open-Air-Theater in Switzerland and plenty more events.