There are many reasons to visit Denmark: Copenhagen, mansions by the beach and long coastlines. But this summer there is another reason - Aarhus is the capital of culture in Europe 2017. The Royal-Theater of Denmark and the prehistorical Mosesgaard Museum are launching the magnificent spectacle „Røde Orm“ as the cultural highlight. It’s about the Sage of a Viking about one of the greatest hero of that decade. The scenery reminds the audience of movies or series like “Lord of the Rings” or “Game of Thrones”.

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The grandstand offers space for 3.400 people. The Arena has a length of 66m and 45m depth. The sub-surface falls by 7m within the full length. For this reason, it was necessary to send 105t of steel and aluminum material just to erect the substructure.

The audience in the last row sits at a height of 15 meters - airy heights for a grandstand. In addition to the six stairways from the front, Bender GmbH added six more stairways from behind to make a fast and safe access possible to the stand.

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