Bender Tribünen erected the biggest mobile standing terrace in Germany in the Ruhpolding Chiemgau Arena. The structure had a length of approx. 146 m, a depth of approx. 29 m and a maximum height of approx. 13 m with 60 rows allowing a capacity of approx. 16,000 spectators in the grandstand.



Owing to the expected wintery conditions, the grandstand had to be erected in several building phases. The club house, the concrete steps and the balconies had to be roofed over. This was an extraordinary challenge for the Bender team both statically and in terms of assembly.

But the effort was worth it. Both the athletes and the spectators were thrilled by the unique atmosphere. The TV pictures showed this impressively. Bender GmbH were once more able to prove their unique performance capability for a breath-taking event.