When buying a stand, the special wishes and requirements of the customers are a central aspect in addition to the usual criteria such as safety, flexibility and economy.

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Our experience with many customers shows that there are many additional criteria or criteria to which greater importance is attached than is the case with renting. Based on our own planning and production, we can present a solution for every use.

We distinguish between:
 a) Grandstands for permanent or stationary use
 b) Grandstands for temporary or mobile use

The following items have special significance:

  • Handling – logically structured plug-in-system
  • Weight – individual parts no heavier than 20 kg
  • Storage/transport volumes – absolutely space saving transport and storage
  • Convenience – suitable for all seat types (from the VIP seat to the bench version)
  • Flexibility – every ground adaptation and size can be presented
  • View – angles of inclination can be produced customer specifically
  • Sustainability – long life (aluminium/galvanised steel), availability guarantee
  • Planning - CAD supported planning and part lists creation can be provided by us
  • Complete static calculation