This Bender stand roof is the result of intensive development work of our company’s staff and engineers. Especially the higher expected wind loads at a greater roof height posed a particular challenge for the static engineers with regard to the material and design.

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The BF-roof is distinguished by the fact that it is approved for greater heights and areas. Furthermore, we do not need ground anchors because for this a special ballast system is available.

  • Safety (TÜV-tested)
  • Flexibility (suitable for uneven ground)
  • Delicate structure and visually attractive design
  • Variable system size (in length and depth and with arena corners)
  • Fastening with floor anchors or weights
  • Fast erection and disassembly
  • With textile or solid roofing

A stand with a roof not only gives your event protection from rain and sun but also a unique atmosphere.

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